Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to StormEightATM.com!

Hi there, If you read my comments on any of my Storm8 Accounts, it would have brought you here. All of my accounts are here with my player codes. Add me as an ally/friend/teammate and then use me as an ATM in any of the Storm8 games. Not only do you get free money but also free experience.
  • All Accounts will have some "Looted" items being used and all will have whatever mission that current account is on. Your items need to be higher than stock to win.
  • Some Accounts will have two ATMs under the same name but using different "Friend Codes".
  • For the equal enjoyment for others; You must only use each ATM a maximum of THREE (3) times per day. 
  • If abuse continues beyond the maximum per day you will be placed on the HIT LIST or OTHER [ "Battle" ] TARGETED LIST where my "top-level" associates will farm your account to death.
  • Please tell your friends to come here (stormeightatm.com) where they too can have an ATM to use!
  • Keep checking back for updates!

iMobsters Accounts:
iMobsters Mob Code: 9QSS5X
iMobsters Money Trend: $20,000,000/hr

Kingdoms Accounts:
2010 Account
Kingdoms Army Code: RXAHV9
Kingdoms Money Trend: $600,000/hr
2011 Account
Kingdoms Army Code: STDQSR
Kingdoms Money Trend: $50.00/hr

Ninjas Live Accounts:
Ninjas Live Clan Code: U7TFA
Ninjas Live Money Trend: $25,000/hr

Pets Live Accounts:
Pets Live Team Code: B4VN7
Pets Live Money Trend: $8,000/hr

Racing Live Accounts:
Racing Live Crew Code: HMVCMX
Racing Live Money Trend: $45,000/hr

Rockstars Live Accounts:
Rockstars Live Band Code: 92KG6H
Rockstars Live Money Trend: $3,000/hr

Vampires Live Accounts:
Vampires Live Clan Code: EPT7XH
Vampires Live Money Trend: $500,000/hr

World War Accounts:
2010 Account
World War Alliance Code: J99EW7
Money Trend: $1.9 Million/hr
2011 Account
World War Alliance Code: 9GJYQQ
Money Trend: $50 Million/hr

Zombies Live Accounts:
2010 Account
Zombies Live Horde Code: MES8K4
Zombies Live Money Trend: $200/hr
2011 Account
Zombies Live Horde Code: DE4YXD
Zombies Live Money Trend: $45.00/hr